BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.2-rcUpdate closefrom from OpenSSH for macOS code which is now needed.Nicholas Marriott2 months
command-regressbind-key test.Nicholas Marriott12 months
masterPKG_CHECK_MODULES needs to be separate.Nicholas Marriott5 days
sixelMerge branch 'master' into sixelNicholas Marriott11 months
sixel-passthroughMerge branch 'master' into sixel-passthroughNicholas Marriott11 months
3.2-rctmux-3.2-rc.tar.gz  tmux-3.2-rc.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott3 months
3.1ctmux-3.1c.tar.gz  tmux-3.1c.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott3 months
before_locktmux-before_lock.tar.gz  tmux-before_lock.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott4 months
3.1btmux-3.1b.tar.gz  tmux-3.1b.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott9 months
3.1atmux-3.1a.tar.gz  tmux-3.1a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott9 months
3.1tmux-3.1.tar.gz  tmux-3.1.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott12 months
3.0atmux-3.0a.tar.gz  tmux-3.0a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott14 months
3.0tmux-3.0.tar.gz  tmux-3.0.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott19 months
2.9atmux-2.9a.tar.gz  tmux-2.9a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott21 months
2.9tmux-2.9.tar.gz  tmux-2.9.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
5 daysPKG_CHECK_MODULES needs to be separate.HEADmasterNicholas Marriott
5 daysShow config.log on failure.Nicholas Marriott
5 daysRevert "Set CFLAGS also."Nicholas Marriott
5 daysSet CFLAGS also.Nicholas Marriott
5 daysFix yes/no for b64_ntop check.Nicholas Marriott
5 daysMerge branch 'obsd-master' into masterThomas Adam
5 daysFix SEARCH_LIBS.Nicholas Marriott
5 days+compat.hNicholas Marriott
5 daysLook for libevent2 differently from libevent for platforms with both.Nicholas Marriott
5 daysAdd -N flag to never start server even if command would normally do so,nicm