BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
3.2-rcMerge branch 'master' into 3.2-rcNicholas Marriott7 months
command-regressbind-key test.Nicholas Marriott20 months
masterMerge branch 'obsd-master' into masterThomas Adam3 months
sixelMerge branch 'master' into sixelNicholas Marriott19 months
sixel-passthroughMerge branch 'master' into sixel-passthroughNicholas Marriott19 months
3.2atmux-3.2a.tar.gz  tmux-3.2a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott4 months
to_mergetmux-to_merge.tar.gz  tmux-to_merge.tar.xz  Thomas Adam5 months
3.2tmux-3.2.tar.gz  tmux-3.2.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott6 months
3.2-rctmux-3.2-rc.tar.gz  tmux-3.2-rc.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott7 months
3.1ctmux-3.1c.tar.gz  tmux-3.1c.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott11 months
before_locktmux-before_lock.tar.gz  tmux-before_lock.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott12 months
3.1btmux-3.1b.tar.gz  tmux-3.1b.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott17 months
3.1atmux-3.1a.tar.gz  tmux-3.1a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott17 months
3.1tmux-3.1.tar.gz  tmux-3.1.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott20 months
3.0atmux-3.0a.tar.gz  tmux-3.0a.tar.xz  Nicholas Marriott22 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-14Merge branch 'obsd-master' into masterHEADmasterThomas Adam
2021-07-14Need all of the TAILQ bits.Nicholas Marriott
2021-07-14Pick default-terminal from the first of tmux-256color, tmux, screen-256color,Nicholas Marriott
2021-07-14Move default value for TERM into tmux.h.nicm
2021-07-14Merge branch 'obsd-master' into masterThomas Adam
2021-07-13Give #() commands a one second grace period where the output is emptynicm
2021-07-13Merge branch 'obsd-master' into masterThomas Adam
2021-07-13Only use client for sizing when not detached, GitHub issue 2772.nicm
2021-07-08Merge branch 'obsd-master' into masterThomas Adam
2021-07-08Fix mouse_word format now word-separators has no space and position ofnicm