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masterMerge pull request #191 from lqd/patch-1Pietro Albini3 years
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2019-12-06Merge pull request #191 from lqd/patch-1HEADmasterPietro Albini
2019-12-04fix typo in wg-grammar descriptionlqd
2019-12-04Merge pull request #182 from QuietMisdreavus/docsrs-teamMark Rousskov
2019-12-04Merge pull request #189 from JohnTitor/rename-gagan0723Mark Rousskov
2019-12-04Rename gagan0723 to totstepsYuki Okushi
2019-12-03Merge pull request #187 from rust-lang/sync-infraPietro Albini
2019-12-02add jynelson to the docsrs teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-12-02re-add imperio to the teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-12-02spin off team from rustdoc teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-11-27infra: remove ashley and sync githubPietro Albini