AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-06Merge pull request #191 from lqd/patch-1HEADmasterPietro Albini
2019-12-04fix typo in wg-grammar descriptionlqd
2019-12-04Merge pull request #182 from QuietMisdreavus/docsrs-teamMark Rousskov
2019-12-04Merge pull request #189 from JohnTitor/rename-gagan0723Mark Rousskov
2019-12-04Rename gagan0723 to totstepsYuki Okushi
2019-12-03Merge pull request #187 from rust-lang/sync-infraPietro Albini
2019-12-02add jynelson to the docsrs teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-12-02re-add imperio to the teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-12-02spin off team from rustdoc teamQuietMisdreavus
2019-11-27infra: remove ashley and sync githubPietro Albini
2019-11-27Merge pull request #186 from SimonSapin/patch-1Pietro Albini
2019-11-27SimonSapin: use my other email addressSimon Sapin
2019-11-19Merge pull request #181 from kinnison/rustdocManish Goregaokar
2019-11-19Merge pull request #183 from rust-lang/lang-craterPietro Albini
2019-11-19lang: allow to use craterbotPietro Albini
2019-11-12rustdoc: Add myself to rustdoc teamDaniel Silverstone
2019-11-08Merge pull request #180 from vertexclique/vcq/add-vertexclique-to-wd-localiza...Manish Goregaokar
2019-11-08Include better description for the WGMahmut Bulut
2019-11-08Add vertexclique to wg-localizationMahmut Bulut
2019-11-06add mailing list for secure-code wg (#179)Niko Matsakis
2019-11-05Merge pull request #176 from rust-lang/infra-update-1aidanhs
2019-11-04Add @vgxbj to LLVM ice-breakers (#177)vgxbj
2019-11-04Add SiavoshZarrasvand (#175)Siavosh Zarrasvand
2019-11-04infra: remove erickt and TimNN from the team, move TimNN to alumniPietro Albini
2019-10-29Add mark-i-m as co-lead and remove nikomatakis from learning wg (#172)Santiago Pastorino
2019-10-28Merge pull request #171 from rust-lang/wg-securityPietro Albini
2019-10-28rename wg-security to wg-security-responsePietro Albini
2019-10-25Merge pull request #174 from rust-lang/move-nicolette-to-alumniManish Goregaokar
2019-10-25Move Nicolette to the alumni team instead of deletingCarol (Nichols || Goulding)
2019-10-25Revert "Nicolette is resigning from the moderation team 😢"Carol (Nichols || Goulding)
2019-10-25wg-security: update names on the websitePietro Albini
2019-10-25Merge pull request #170 from rust-lang/remove-nicoletteNick Cameron
2019-10-25Merge pull request #167 from nikomatsakis/sync-lang-teamPietro Albini
2019-10-25Nicolette is resigning from the moderation team 😢Carol (Nichols || Goulding)
2019-10-24Add spastorino to LLVM-icebreakers (#169)Santiago Pastorino
2019-10-24Added mmilenko, i.e. myself to people, and the icebreakers-llvm team. (#162)Miodrag Milenkovic
2019-10-24add vertexclique to LLVM ICE-breakers (#161)Mahmut Bulut
2019-10-24add pnkfelix as compiler team co-lead (#168)Niko Matsakis
2019-10-24adds heyrutvik to the LLVM ICE-breaker team (#163)Rutvik Patel
2019-10-24Merge pull request #165 from Manishearth/security-wgNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24Merge pull request #164 from jryans/jryans/llvm-ice-breakersNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24Merge pull request #166 from hdhoang/masterNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24move lang team shepherds to alumniNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24delete lang-shepherds team, which is outdatedNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24sync lang team w/ githubNiko Matsakis
2019-10-24add myself to icebreakers-llvmHoàng Đức Hiếu
2019-10-23Make the security team a WGManish Goregaokar
2019-10-23Add jryans to LLVM ICE-breaker groupJ. Ryan Stinnett
2019-10-23Merge pull request #159 from rust-lang/docsrs-opsPietro Albini
2019-10-23create the docsrs-ops marker teamPietro Albini