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masterPrivatize deprecated functions functions for #87Pierre-Henri Symoneaux18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-26Privatize deprecated functions functions for #87HEADmasterPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Merge pull request #114 from phsym/printstd-nopanicPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Merge pull request #101 from jonasbb/html-and-evcxr-integrationPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Add description about the Evcxr support to the readmeJonas Bushart
2019-08-26Integrate the new HTML printing with EvcxrJonas Bushart
2019-08-26Implement HTML output for Table and TableSliceJonas Bushart
2019-08-25Fixed a few clippy warnings (but not all)Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25As suggested in #103, `printstd` should avoid panicking.Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Build & test all featuresPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Added dependabot badge to readmePierre-Henri Symoneaux