AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-26Privatize deprecated functions functions for #87HEADmasterPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Merge pull request #114 from phsym/printstd-nopanicPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Merge pull request #101 from jonasbb/html-and-evcxr-integrationPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-26Add description about the Evcxr support to the readmeJonas Bushart
2019-08-26Integrate the new HTML printing with EvcxrJonas Bushart
2019-08-26Implement HTML output for Table and TableSliceJonas Bushart
2019-08-25Fixed a few clippy warnings (but not all)Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25As suggested in #103, `printstd` should avoid panicking.Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Build & test all featuresPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Added dependabot badge to readmePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Merge pull request #113 from phsym/dependabot/cargo/term-0.6dependabot-preview[bot]
2019-08-25Update term requirement from 0.5 to 0.6dependabot-preview[bot]
2019-08-25Merge pull request #112 from phsym/ed-2018Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Removed unsupported rust versionsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Updated to rust 2018Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Merge pull request #105 from vn971/patch-1Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-08-25Merge pull request #100 from rotty/wip/allow-macro-usePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2019-05-02fix anchor hrefVasili Novikov
2019-01-09Fix macros for selective import via `use`Andreas Rottmann
2018-12-17Merge pull request #95 from xanonid/code_style_improvementsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-10-31Merge pull request #96 from phsym/update_rustPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-10-31Updated rust verison in CIPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-10-24Improve code style (suggestion by clippy)xanonid
2018-09-27Updated Cargo.toml with new releasePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-27Updated README with new releasePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-25Merge pull request #92 from phsym/lines_countPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-24Merge branch 'master' into lines_countPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-24Verify returned table height in unit testsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-23Merge pull request #93 from phsym/format_boxPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-23Added FORMAT_BOX_CHARSPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-23Updated tictactoe example to change the table in placePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-22Printing a tables returns the number of printed linesPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-21Merge pull request #89 from phsym/refactor_modsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-21cell and row mods become private. Row and Cell are reexported in crate's rootPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-21Moved CSV module into dedicated filePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-21Move all CSV stuff into dedicated modulePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-21Reexport types from crate `csv`Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-20Added missing inlined doc about span style stringPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-19Merge pull request #88 from phsym/deprecationsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-19A bunch of deprecations before reducing functions visibilityPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-18Merge pull request #85 from phsym/hspanPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-18Implemented horizontal spanPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-18Merge pull request #86 from phsym/fix_coveragePierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-18Fix code coverage in travis scriptPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-16Added rust 1.28.0 to the list of version to use in travis scriptPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-16Merge pull request #84 from silwol/csv-1Pierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-09-04Update csv to version 1Wolfgang Silbermayr
2018-08-20Merge pull request #82 from pjf/readme_formatsPierre-Henri Symoneaux
2018-08-12README: Document set_titles, use prettyformat::table, plus extra tests!Paul Fenwick
2018-08-09Reverted csv crate to v0.15 (committed by accident with 1.0.0)Pierre-Henri Symoneaux