AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-11-28Version bump to 0.10.1HEADmasterKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-28Add From impl for convenienceKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-28Add some more utility functions to MailAddrListKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-27Version bump to 0.10.0Kartikaya Gupta
2019-11-27Impl DerefMut on the MailAddrList as wellKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-27Expose MailAddrList as wellKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-27Implement the Display trait on addrparse result types. Fixes #46Kartikaya Gupta
2019-11-10Add Clone implementation to addr typesKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-10Version bump to 0.9.1Kartikaya Gupta
2019-11-10Add documentationKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-09Version bump to 0.9.0Kartikaya Gupta
2019-11-09Add the addrparse module, to help parse address/mailbox listsKartikaya Gupta
2019-11-09Fix compiler warningKartikaya Gupta
2019-08-05Version bump to 0.8.2Kartikaya Gupta
2019-08-05Prevent possible underflowKartikaya Gupta
2019-07-31Version bump to 0.8.1Kartikaya Gupta
2019-07-31Skip past unterminated =? escape stringKartikaya Gupta
2019-06-10Add LICENSE fileKartikaya Gupta
2019-06-06Version bump to 0.8.0Kartikaya Gupta
2019-06-04Allow access to encoded bodyufoscout
2019-06-04Run rustfmt and add it to travis checksKartikaya Gupta
2019-05-23Version bump to 0.7.0 since the dependency graph changed somewhatKartikaya Gupta
2019-05-23Stop using deprecated trim_left/rightKartikaya Gupta
2019-05-23Ignore all of target/Kartikaya Gupta
2019-05-23Bump base64 to avoid having two different versions as dependenciesKartikaya Gupta
2019-05-23Test UTF-7 in bodyHenri Sivonen
2019-05-23Test UTF-7 in headersHenri Sivonen
2019-05-23Test ISO-2022-JP in headersHenri Sivonen
2019-05-23Use the charset crate instead of the encoding crateHenri Sivonen
2019-02-10Version bump to 0.6.5Kartikaya Gupta
2019-02-10Fix panic when encountering param content with new lineLewis Diamond
2018-12-21it appears these are in reverse order - is obviously not a valid urlSean Enck
2018-09-12Bump to 0.6.4Kartikaya Gupta
2018-09-12Implement MailHeaderMap for [MailHeader] instead of Vec<MailHeader>Jos van den Oever
2018-09-12key.len() > 0 -> !key.is_empty()Jos van den Oever
2018-09-07Prefer map_err(|e| e.into()) over explicit errorThomas Hurst
2018-09-07Replace try_none! with ?Thomas Hurst
2018-09-07Tidy get_body_raw()Thomas Hurst
2018-09-07Tidy get_body_raw() with is_ascii_whitespace()Thomas Hurst
2018-09-07Tidy parse_param_contentThomas Hurst
2018-09-07Convert try! to ?Thomas Hurst
2018-09-07Tidy is_boundary()Thomas Hurst
2018-09-07Tidy MailHeader::get_keyThomas Hurst
2018-09-05Bump to 0.6.3Kartikaya Gupta
2018-09-05Remove documentation stuff; point to docs.rsKartikaya Gupta
2018-09-05Use i64::from(x) over x as i64Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use if let Ok() over single-armed match { .. }Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use while let Some(..) over loop { match { .. }}Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05map(|x| Some(x)) -> map(Some)Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use foo[] instead of .get().unwrap()Thomas Hurst