AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-05Use unwrap_or_else() and unwrap_or_default()Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use Struct { foo } over Struct { foo: foo }Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use a char rather than a &str for single-char find()Thomas Hurst
2018-09-05Use foo += bar over foo = foo + barThomas Hurst
2018-09-04Fix #26: Incorrect unwrap() guard in is_boundary()Thomas Hurst
2018-05-23Regenerate documentationKartikaya Gupta
2018-05-23Bump to version 0.6.2Kartikaya Gupta
2018-05-23Fix indentationKartikaya Gupta
2018-05-23parse_mail: Handle missing terminating boundaries in multipart emails.Darius Jahandarie
2018-04-18MailHeader::get_value: do not add space if special char parsedRomain Porte
2018-04-03Bump to version 0.6.1Kartikaya Gupta
2018-04-03Update quoted_printable and base64 dependenciesKartikaya Gupta
2017-12-22Add maintenance badgeKartikaya Gupta
2017-10-14Add missing function docKartikaya Gupta
2017-10-14Regenerate documentation for 0.6.0Kartikaya Gupta
2017-10-14Bump to version 0.6.0Kartikaya Gupta
2017-10-14Don't expose the function to convert disposition typeKartikaya Gupta
2017-10-14Update documentation and doc-tests for new content-disposition changesKartikaya Gupta
2017-10-12rustfmtYoung Wu
2017-10-12Store all params of Content-Type into BTreeMap<String, String>Young Wu
2017-10-12Add Content-Disposition to mailYoung Wu
2017-10-06Update docsKartikaya Gupta
2017-07-18Add gitattributes for github linguistKartikaya Gupta
2017-01-26Minor updates to metadata in Cargo.tomlKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-26Fix documentation betterKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-26Version bumpKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-26Update documentationKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-26rustfmtKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-26add `get_body_raw`Wu Young
2016-12-23add name field to ParsedContentTypeWu Young
2016-12-04Version bump to 0.4.2Kartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Update documentationKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Followup to 9f8013c2 (fix for issue #7) - deal with empty messagesKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Version bump to 0.4.1Kartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Update documentationKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Fix for issue #7 - deal with lack of headersKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-04Less allocation by using case insensitive string comparisonJos van den Oever
2016-12-04Rename test and check for body as wellKartikaya Gupta
2016-12-03Fix panic when the mail body is missingJos van den Oever
2016-11-11Version bumpKartikaya Gupta
2016-11-11Update documentationKartikaya Gupta
2016-11-11Drop the redundant get_*_ci methods from MailHeaderMapBruce Guenter
2016-11-11Make MailHeaderMap perform case-insensitive searchesBruce Guenter
2016-10-02Version bumpKartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02Update docKartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02rustfmtKartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02Update main examples to include a dateparse usageKartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02Add dateparse documentationKartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02Add list of textual timezones from RFC 822Kartikaya Gupta
2016-10-02Expose the dateparse module from mailparseKartikaya Gupta