BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cleanupCleanup: Replace match with method chainingMatthias Beyer9 months
cleanup-user-descfixup! Include cleaned HTML from remote as rawMatthias Beyer9 months
masterAllow HTML for external user & community descriptionsColin Reeder9 months
styleStyle submission part of postMatthias Beyer9 months
systemdAdd lotide.service example fileMatthias Beyer9 months
update-depsWIP: Update dependenciesMatthias Beyer9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-12-31Allow HTML for external user & community descriptionsHEADmasterColin Reeder
2020-12-29Replace println!() calls with log::debug!()Matthias Beyer
2020-12-29Replace eprintln!() calls with log::error!()Matthias Beyer
2020-12-29Add env_logger for loggingMatthias Beyer
2020-12-24Style changes to better distinguish posts & commentsColin Reeder
2020-12-23Include german translation in LANG_MAPMatthias Beyer
2020-12-23Add german translationMatthias Beyer
2020-12-23Update some dependenciesColin Reeder
2020-12-23Add example for BACKEND_HOST variableMatthias Beyer
2020-12-20Limit post titles to one line in listsColin Reeder