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+feature: unprivileged-maintainer-teams
+start-date: 2019-01-16
+author: Graham Christensen <>
+co-authors: zimbatm <>
+# Summary
+[summary]: #summary
+Package maintainers who are not able to commit directly to Nixpkgs
+don't have adequate tools to attentively maintain their package.
+OfBorg requests reviews of maintainers it can identify. GitHub only
+allows requesting a review of a Collaborator of the repository.
+This RFC bridges that gap, and allows OfBorg to request reviews of
+# Motivation
+[motivation]: #motivation
+The goal of this RFC is to involve package maintainers in reviewing
+pull requests against their packages. This RFC does not grant
+maintainers the ability to merge pull requests against their own
+Maintainers take a responsibility for their package, and want to know
+about updates to their package's expression. However, Nixpkgs receives
+over 1,000 pull requests each month and subscribing to them all is not
+a reasonable requirement to maintain a package.
+The ideal outcome is package maintainership means a more active role
+in reviewing and approving changes to Nixpkgs.
+# Detailed design
+[design]: #detailed-design
+Package maintainers will be a member of a GitHub team, allowing OfBorg
+to request a review.
+## The Team
+We will create a GitHub team under the NixOS GitHub organization
+called "Nixpkgs Maintainers" which only grants "read" access to
+This team will not grant any privileges to the Nix ecosystem
+repositories which non-members don't already have. They will not be able to
+close other people's issues or PRs or push branches. Experimentation
+and documentation shows this will only grant access to a team
+discussion board on GitHub.
+Being a member of this team will let the user mark themselves as a
+public member of the organization. This will show the NixOS logo on
+their GitHub profile, and people will see "Member" next to their
+account name when browsing issues.
+In order to be a member, each user will need to enable 2FA on their
+GitHub account, since [the GitHub organization requires 2FA of all
+for more information about what this will grant.
+## Changes to `maintainers/maintainer-list.nix`
+The existing Nixpkgs maintainer list already contains a structured
+attribute set of per-maintainer details, including GitHub account
+names. Automation will sync this list of GitHub handles with the
+team's membership, automatically adding and removing people to/from
+the team as the master branch's maintainer list changes.
+GitHub handles can change from one user to another, and so we will
+change the maintainer list to include the GitHub user *ID* as well as
+their handle. When syncing, the automation will validate the user ID
+matches. GitHub User IDs are easily found at
+If a user ID's GitHub handle changes, the maintainer should remain
+part of the team under their new handle. The user's entry in
+`maintainer-list.nix` should be updated to reflect their new handle.
+## Team Automation
+The team must be automatically updated at least once a day to ensure
+the maintainer list is fresh and up to date. The automation for this
+will be written in Rust with the hubcaps library. It will run on the
+NixOS infrastructure with limited credentials, with only sufficient
+permission to manage the team.
+The automation will fetch a fresh version of Nixpkgs's master branch,
+extract the maintainer information, and update the team. It will
+support a dry-run option.
+New members of the team will receive an invitation to join the GitHub
+## Changes to Reviewer/Maintainer Behavior
+Reviewers and maintainers should use GitHub's review tools (Approve,
+Request Changes, etc.) to clearly communicate their feedback about the
+pull request.
+## OfBorg changes
+OfBorg will identify PRs which are approved by their maintainers, and
+add a special label `approved-by-maintainer`.
+## Roll-Out Plan
+1. Write an explanatory post on Discourse about the what-and-why of
+ this plan.
+2. Select a small group of maintainers who are not committers to be
+ part of the first round, and manually run the tooling, and pause
+ half a week to see what changes.
+3. Automate the tooling on the infrastructure.
+4. Expand the group to one quarter of the maintainers, and pause a
+ half a week to gauge response.
+5. Expand the group to one half of the maintainers and wait one week.
+6. Expand the group to all of the maintainers.
+If we receive no major feedback or problems during the rollout, we
+will continue to 100%.
+# Drawbacks
+[drawbacks]: #drawbacks
+ - Putting each maintainer in a read only team will display
+ maintainers as "member", without specifying which team they are a
+ member of. This gives the impression of authority which maintainers
+ don't already receive. This is a pro and a con.
+ - A mistake in the automation, or in the admin panel of GitHub could
+ grant the team write access to Nix ecosystem repositories.
+ - Package maintainers who do not wish to have a GitHub account will
+ not benefit from this change.
+ - Package maintainers who do have a GitHub account, but do not wish
+ to use 2 factor authentication will not benefit from this change.
+ - Someone who is banned from the NixOS GitHub organization is not
+ allowed to be a package maintainer.
+# Alternatives
+[alternatives]: #alternatives
+Mentioning people in GitHub comments is the main alternative. This has
+the major down-side of not receiving the support of [GitHub's UI
+for requested reviews](
+# Resolved questions
+[resolved]: #resolved-questions
+ - Is it possible for the automation to spam a user who doesn't want
+ to be part of the team with invitations?
+ No.
+# Unresolved questions
+[unresolved]: #unresolved-questions
+ - Do maintainers want to be part of this team?
+ - Will the requirement of 2FA cause a significant number of people to
+ not want to participate?
+ - How will we handle people who have been invited, but have not
+ accepted the invitation?
+# Future work
+[future]: #future-work
+ - Writing the automation program.
+ - Adding UIDs to every maintainer.
+ - Creating the GitHub team
+ - Updating the NixOS Org Configurations repository to run the
+ automation with credentials on an automated basis.
+# Future Potential RFCs
+The following topics are explictly _not_ part of this RFC.
+ - Allowing maintainers to merge pull requests against their packages
+ without having commit access.
+ - Requiring all maintainers to have a GitHub account with 2FA.