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2015-02-17add status api route5.2.4Bernhard Posselt
2015-02-13push down Explore button (fix #728)Alessandro Cosentino
2015-01-26Update part.content.cronwarning.phpBernhard Posselt
2015-01-25more plugin refactoringBernhard Posselt
2015-01-25Break client side plugin API to combat limitations that make it hard to impos...Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-23fix #711Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-23fix #715Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-18remove owncloud 7 supportBernhard Posselt
2015-01-06set noreferrer tag for links pointing to articlesBernhard Posselt
2014-12-17add client side pluginsBernhard Posselt
2014-12-17add article action pluginsBernhard Posselt
2014-12-03typo fixBernhard Posselt
2014-12-03typo fixBernhard Posselt
2014-12-03typo fixBernhard Posselt
2014-12-03Make expand entries in compact view after jumping to next/previous feed optio...Bernhard Posselt
2014-12-02fix #680Bernhard Posselt
2014-12-02fix #679Bernhard Posselt
2014-12-02fix #678Bernhard Posselt
2014-12-02fix #667Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-21fix #660Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-21hide categories without elementsBernhard Posselt
2014-11-20hide suggestions from explore if they are already in your feed listBernhard Posselt
2014-11-20fix keyboard shortcuts for exploreBernhard Posselt
2014-11-20fix keyboard shortcuts for exploreBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19fix #134Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-19order suggestions by votes, add min heightBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19allow to change the explore service urlBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19show hint when no articles to read are availabeBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19allow to add feeds from recommended sitesBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19first stab at recommended sitesBernhard Posselt
2014-11-18testBernhard Posselt
2014-11-18testBernhard Posselt
2014-11-18fix #365Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-18fix #368Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-18only scroll to active navigation entry when it is not in view, if debug mode ...Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-17fix #300Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-17fix firstrun ajax cron message4.1.0Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-17show a warning if ajax webcron is detectedgBernhard Posselt
2014-11-17use bind once to speed up dirt checking where possibleBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05update picofeed, add max size setting, fix #642Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-27typoBernhard Posselt
2014-10-27allow to turn of autopurgeBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22remove dotBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22fix encodingBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22get rid of simplepieBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21first try to set indention limit at 80 characters in phpBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21convert tabs indention to indention with 4 spaces because of mixing of both v...Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-21display shortcut for reloadingBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21better wording in admin areaBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21typo fixesBernhard Posselt