AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-28Release Brahmer
2022-02-27add changelog entryBenjamin Brahmer
2022-02-27Use rawurlencode as it encodes spaces correctly as %20Benjamin Brahmer
2022-02-25Bump minimatch from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-24Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.15 to 9.5.16dependabot[bot]
2022-02-23Fix transifex linkBenjamin Brahmer
2022-02-23remove feed-io reference as the demo website is goneBenjamin Brahmer
2022-02-23Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.14 to 9.5.15dependabot[bot]
2022-02-22Bump jasmine-core from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-22[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-02-21Update shortcutsDennis Müller
2022-02-21Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.13 to 9.5.14dependabot[bot]
2022-02-19[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-02-16Release 18.0.0-beta118.0.0-beta1Benjamin Brahmer
2022-02-16Bump minimatch from 4.1.1 to 5.0.0 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-14Bump minimatch from 3.0.5 to 4.1.1 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-14chore: deprecate nc 21Sean Molenaar
2022-02-12Bump karma from 6.3.15 to 6.3.16 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-10Bump karma-coverage from 2.1.1 to 2.2.0 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-08Bump debril/feed-io from 4.9.11 to 4.9.12dependabot[bot]
2022-02-07Bump karma-coverage from 2.1.0 to 2.1.1 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-07Bump doctrine/dbal from 3.3.1 to 3.3.2dependabot[bot]
2022-02-07Bump karma from 6.3.13 to 6.3.15 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-07Bump minimatch from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-02-03Bump debril/feed-io from 4.9.8 to 4.9.11dependabot[bot]
2022-02-01Bump karma from 6.3.12 to 6.3.13 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-31Bump tar from 4.4.8 to 4.4.19 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-31Bump doctrine/dbal from 3.3.0 to 3.3.1dependabot[bot]
2022-01-26[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-01-25Bump karma from 6.3.11 to 6.3.12 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-25Bump jshint from 2.13.3 to 2.13.4 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-24Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.12 to 9.5.13dependabot[bot]
2022-01-22Bump log4js from 6.3.0 to 6.4.0 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-21Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.5.11 to 9.5.12dependabot[bot]
2022-01-18Bump doctrine/dbal from 3.2.1 to 3.3.0dependabot[bot]
2022-01-13Bump karma from 6.3.9 to 6.3.11 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-13Bump follow-redirects from 1.14.5 to 1.14.7 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-13[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-01-12[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-01-10[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2022-01-07Bump copy-props from 2.0.4 to 2.0.5 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-07Bump doctrine/dbal from 3.2.0 to 3.2.1dependabot[bot]
2022-01-07Bump jshint from 2.13.2 to 2.13.3 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-04Bump jasmine-core from 3.10.1 to 4.0.0 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2022-01-04Use better expression Benjamin Brahmer
2022-01-04allow support for php 8.1Benjamin Brahmer
2022-01-02Bump ezyang/htmlpurifier from 4.13.0 to 4.14.0dependabot[bot]
2022-01-02remove checkoutBenjamin Brahmer
2022-01-02Bump dangoslen/changelog-enforcer from 2.3.1 to 3dependabot[bot]
2021-12-28Bump jshint from 2.13.1 to 2.13.2 in /jsdependabot[bot]