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dependabot/composer/debril/feed-io-5.0.0Bump debril/feed-io from 4.9.3 to 5.0.0dependabot[bot]10 months
docs/mkdocsupdate links and switch to httpsanoy8 months
fix/favicon_fetchingadjust testsBenjamin Brahmer9 months
fix/release-delete-keydelete key and crt after the last stepBenjamin Brahmer9 months
gh-pagesDeployed 7ca4d9f with MkDocs version: 1.2.1nextcloud-bot6 months
master[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot6 months
rebase/fix/folder_searchSearch: Fix and test folder searchSean Molenaar9 months
release/15.4.0-rc1Release 15.4.0-rc1Benjamin Brahmer9 months
release/workflow_versionpin all actions, delete crt and keyBenjamin Brahmer11 months
stable15Release 15.4.5Benjamin Brahmer8 months
16.0.0commit 02cbdc9635...Benjamin Brahmer7 months
16.0.0-beta3commit db831426d3...Benjamin Brahmer7 months
16.0.0-beta2commit d55cef06f0...Benjamin Brahmer8 months
15.4.5commit d81f7524e0...Benjamin Brahmer8 months
16.0.0-beta1commit 29a6d60f52...Benjamin Brahmer8 months
15.4.4commit 76d731d78e...Benjamin Brahmer8 months
15.4.3commit 9f36b3af3f...Benjamin Brahmer9 months
15.4.2commit ea074d0ee5...Benjamin Brahmer9 months
15.4.1commit c899801891...Benjamin Brahmer9 months
15.4.0commit e3faad4a11...Benjamin Brahmer9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-08-14adjust readme6.0.0Bernhard Posselt
2015-08-14reflect dropped cent os support in readmeBernhard Posselt
2015-08-14drop cent os from supported OSes because they lag too much behind (php 5.4 is...Bernhard Posselt
2015-08-14add news app releases page to example feedsBernhard Posselt
2015-08-14fix full text status not rendered correctly in navigationBernhard Posselt
2015-08-14update picofeedBernhard Posselt
2015-08-14[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-08-13fix dependencyBernhard Posselt
2015-08-13update html purifier versionBernhard Posselt
2015-08-13remove net url package and update composer depsBernhard Posselt