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2021-01-03Make Multi-device support a section, add some contentpaperMatthias Beyer
2021-01-03Describe a "Profile" in the "Block" sectionMatthias Beyer
2021-01-03Make graph a bit widerMatthias Beyer
2021-01-03Replace svgbob files with dot graphesMatthias Beyer
2021-01-03Add graphviz setupMatthias Beyer
2021-01-03Scale figures down a fair bitMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Add example graphic of blockchain with metadata blocksMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Make pointer to metadata object optionalMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Add graphic how a blockchain could look likeMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Fix typoMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Add text in "Content" chapterMatthias Beyer
2021-01-02Split "Replies" into two subsectionsMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add content for metadata block type chapterMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add content for chapter about blocksMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add listings packageMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add intro about data typesMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add abstractMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add section on implementationMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add chapter layoutMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove template contentMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add svgbob setup for plotting graphicsMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove ./src build setupMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove gen setupMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove unused files from templateMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove glossary/bibliography setupMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add Makefile setupMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Rename main fileMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Add makeglosMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Import IEEE paper templateMatthias Beyer
2021-01-01Remove stuffMatthias Beyer
2020-05-20Ignore Cargo.lock for nowHEADmasterMatthias Beyer
2020-05-20Simplify: Remove Arc in ModelMatthias Beyer
2020-05-20Merge branch 'app-is-middleware'Matthias Beyer
2020-05-20Merge branch 'one-client'Matthias Beyer
2020-05-20Rename: App -> MiddlewareMatthias Beyer
2020-05-20Remove unused moduleMatthias Beyer
2020-05-20Unite ipfs-api client abstraction into one "Model" typeMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Move app startup code to server partMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Adapt for ipfs-api changesMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Make types DebugMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Add output before starting serverMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Use appropriate response type for htmlMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Fix spawningMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Split assets into multiple filesMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Split gui and server main function into submodulesMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Use default log level INFOMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Add some outputMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Add port configuration/cli argumentMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Add pidlock for server pid based lockingMatthias Beyer
2020-05-18Split server into subcommandMatthias Beyer