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masterpatch 8.2.3182: Vim9: crash when using removing items from a constant listBram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3182vim-8.2.3182.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3182.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3181vim-8.2.3181.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3181.tar.xz  Dominique Pelle2 months
v8.2.3180vim-8.2.3180.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3180.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3179vim-8.2.3179.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3179.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3178vim-8.2.3178.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3178.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3177vim-8.2.3177.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3177.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3176vim-8.2.3176.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3176.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3175vim-8.2.3175.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3175.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3174vim-8.2.3174.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3174.tar.xz  Bram Moolenaar2 months
v8.2.3173vim-8.2.3173.tar.gz  vim-8.2.3173.tar.xz  Yegappan Lakshmanan2 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3182: Vim9: crash when using removing items from a constant listHEADv8.2.3182masterBram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3181: Vim9: builtin function test fails without channel featurev8.2.3181Dominique Pelle
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3180: Vim9: memory leak when concatenating to an imported stringv8.2.3180Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3179: Vim9: cannot assign to an imported variable at script levelv8.2.3179Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3178: Vim9: the file name of an :import cannot be an expressionv8.2.3178Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3177: Vim9: can not use "for _ in expr" at script levelv8.2.3177Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3176: Vim9: no type error for comparing number with stringv8.2.3176Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-18patch 8.2.3175: Vim9: using illegal pointer with nested lambdas.v8.2.3175Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-17patch 8.2.3174: Vim9: "legacy undo" finds "undo" variablev8.2.3174Bram Moolenaar
2021-07-17patch 8.2.3173: Vim9: argument types are not checked at compile timev8.2.3173Yegappan Lakshmanan