AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-15Implement /dag/put routemake-dag-put-implMatthias Beyer
2019-04-15Merge pull request #31 from graphprotocol/jannis/https-supportFerris Tseng
2019-04-04ipfs-api: Add hyper_tls for added HTTPS supportJannis
2019-02-15add hyper as dev-dependency to work around travis issues with actix featureFerris Tseng
2019-02-13formatting; docs update; version increment; small refactorsFerris Tseng
2019-02-13Merge pull request #28 from ferristseng/actixFerris Tseng
2019-02-13Add actix feature for using actix-webSameer Puri
2019-02-09Impose 'static on multipart formsSameer Puri
2019-01-11Change impl Default to match go-ipfs-api behaviorSameer Puri
2018-12-31Fix clippy warningsSameer Puri
2018-12-31Run cargo fmtSameer Puri
2018-12-31Cache cargo in travisSameer Puri
2018-12-31Implement capability to add files/directories by path to IPFSSameer Puri
2018-08-04upgrade versionFerris Tseng
2018-08-04formattingFerris Tseng
2018-08-04Merge pull request #17 from leodasvacas/switch-from-error-chain-to-failureFerris Tseng
2018-08-03switch from error-chain to failureLeonardo Yvens Schwarzstein
2018-06-27Merge pull request #16 from ferristseng/upgrade-hyperFerris Tseng
2018-06-27updating version number in docs and READMEFerris Tseng
2018-06-27upgrade library vesion numberFerris Tseng
2018-06-27fix doc testsFerris Tseng
2018-06-27finish updating examplesFerris Tseng
2018-06-27updating examplesFerris Tseng
2018-06-27turn off keep aliveFerris Tseng
2018-06-27upgrade for hyper 0.12; use macros to build commandsFerris Tseng
2018-06-27add send bounds where necessaryFerris Tseng
2018-06-27get ipfs-api compilingFerris Tseng
2018-06-26upgrade dependenciesFerris Tseng
2018-03-08add method to requestFerris Tseng
2018-03-08formattingFerris Tseng
2018-01-23increment versionFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add /object/new and /object/dataFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add /bitswap/reprovideFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add shutdown commandFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add /name/publish and /name/resolveFerris Tseng
2018-01-23fix testsFerris Tseng
2018-01-23use Option instead of &OptionFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add todosFerris Tseng
2018-01-23formattingFerris Tseng
2018-01-23add /key/rename and /key/rmFerris Tseng
2018-01-23formattingFerris Tseng
2017-12-30clippy and formattingFerris Tseng
2017-12-26fix toml fileFerris Tseng
2017-12-26Merge pull request #13 from ferristseng/devFerris Tseng
2017-12-26rebuild READMEFerris Tseng
2017-12-26increment versionFerris Tseng
2017-12-26add more crate info; update versionFerris Tseng
2017-12-14Merge pull request #11 from icefoxen/associated-constFerris Tseng
2017-12-13Revert "Add basic derive's to all types"Simon Heath
2017-12-11Uppercased path->PATH in constants.Simon Heath