AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-16updating documentationHEADmasterFerris Tseng
2020-05-16better handling of multiaddrsFerris Tseng
2020-05-16ignore testing filesFerris Tseng
2020-05-16create make target for readmeFerris Tseng
2020-05-16increment versionFerris Tseng
2020-05-16migrate client code to internal file; move url builder code to traitFerris Tseng
2020-05-16move client to separate moduleFerris Tseng
2020-05-16fix issue where actix was not sending a bodyFerris Tseng
2020-05-16cargo updateFerris Tseng
2020-05-16formattingFerris Tseng
2020-05-16Merge pull request #50 from cag/use-post-onlyFerris Tseng
2020-05-15Only use POST for IPFS v0.5 compatAlan Lu
2020-03-220.7.0 -> 0.7.1Ferris Tseng
2020-03-22Merge pull request #47 from ferristseng/version-response-optionalFerris Tseng
2020-03-22formattingFerris Tseng
2020-03-22make version and system fields optionalFerris Tseng
2020-03-17increment version; upgrade dependencies; fix deprecationsFerris Tseng
2020-03-17Merge pull request #45 from playzero/parity-multiaddrFerris Tseng
2020-03-17remove multiaddr dependency2075
2020-03-17update implementation to use parity-multiaddr2075
2020-03-17add parity-multiaddr dependency2075
2019-12-25increment version to rcFerris Tseng
2019-12-25add rc versionFerris Tseng
2019-12-25Merge pull request #42 from ferristseng/ftseng-upgrade-hyper-actixFerris Tseng
2019-12-25try disabling cacheFerris Tseng
2019-12-25add return statementFerris Tseng
2019-12-25use "impl Stream" instead of the async stream response typeFerris Tseng
2019-12-25refactoring for more asyncFerris Tseng
2019-12-25use boxed_local to get around Send requirementFerris Tseng
2019-12-24redundant use importsFerris Tseng
2019-12-24use proper runtime for all examplesFerris Tseng
2019-12-24add example for tailing logFerris Tseng
2019-12-24implement last 2 methods on clientFerris Tseng
2019-12-24update documentationFerris Tseng
2019-12-24move types to libFerris Tseng
2019-12-24cleaning up doc testsFerris Tseng
2019-12-24remove ipfs-cli; too much of a maintenance burdenFerris Tseng
2019-12-24finish updating examplesFerris Tseng
2019-12-24add time dependency; formattingFerris Tseng
2019-12-23update ipfs client methodsFerris Tseng
2019-12-23update examplesFerris Tseng
2019-12-23implementing examplesFerris Tseng
2019-12-22implementing a bunch of methodsFerris Tseng
2019-12-22get all the core methods working!Ferris Tseng
2019-12-22various cleanupFerris Tseng
2019-12-22fleshing out almost all of the core functionalityFerris Tseng
2019-12-22beginning to upgrade client, but blerghFerris Tseng
2019-12-22update decoder and asyncread traits for 0.2 (untested)Ferris Tseng
2019-12-22uncomment out client modFerris Tseng
2019-12-22initial dependency upgradingFerris Tseng