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@@ -23,8 +23,8 @@ The workflow proposed in this document is inspired by the linux kernel workflow.
Pushing to the master branch of a software development project is not a good
practice in more-than-one-contributor environments.
Security vulnerabilities, breaking changes which are not tested and regressions
-are easily introduced this way. which could've been prevented by a proper
+are easily introduced this way. Those can been prevented by a proper workflow
+and tooling that comes with the workflow.
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In the last year (as of 2019-04-13), we had
@@ -48,6 +48,55 @@ achieve more security, stability and even more important better scalability.
# Detailed design
[design]: #detailed-design
+## Entities
+Before we get to the details of the design proposed in this RFC, we define the
+entities used in the workflow.
+Those are:
+* "Aspect": Either a (sub)set of packages, services or other infrastructure
+ which is related to or exists in the nixpkgs repository.
+* "Team": a limited group of people which is responsible for one _aspect_ of the
+ nixpkgs repository.
+* "Core Contributor": A person belonging to one or more Teams.
+* "Contributor": A person who _actively_ contributes to the nixpkgs repository,
+ possibly maintains packages and can be considered _known_ (in person or by
+ nick) in the community.
+* "External Contributor": A person that does not belong to any team, and is not
+ (yet) known to the community.
+## Workflow description
+The following section describes the workflow.
+### Top-Level Workflow
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+### Team workflow
+### Contributor workflow
+### External Contributor workflow
+ TODO: Describe how external contributors should be routed to the right
+ repository
+## Implementation
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