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+feature: release-manager-nixos
+start-date: 2017-07-18
+author: Robin Gloster (@globin)
+co-authors: Franz Pletz (@fpletz)
+related-issues: --
+# Summary
+[summary]: #summary
+NixOS currently has no process for electing release managers (RMs). We propose to
+switch to a model with two RMs, where each RM SHOULD
+serve for a consecutive term of two releases. A new RM is appointed
+by the previous team for each new release.
+# Motivation
+[motivation]: #motivation
+Currently release managing in NixOS has mostly been done by individuals who
+volunteered and were then chosen by the last release manager. Over the last
+few releases a process has been established and
+As this makes it easier to cut a release this role should be passed on
+regularly and not be held by a single individual over a longer time.
+# Detailed design
+[design]: #detailed-design
+For each release there are two RMs. After each release the RM having
+managed two releases steps down and the RM team of the last release
+appoint a new RM.
+This makes sure a RM team always consists of one RM who already has
+managed one release and one RM being introduced to their role, making
+it easier to pass on knowledge and experience.
+A release manager's role is mostly facilitating:
+ * manage the release process
+ * start discussions about features and changes for a given release
+ * create a roadmap
+ * release in cooperation with Eelco Dolstra
+ * decide which bug fixes, features etc. get backported after a release
+The process outlined in this RFC has informally started by @globin taking
+over the role from @domenkozar for NixOS 17.03 and having the latter as a
+backup and contact at all times for questions and support. We propose to
+continue this by appointing @fpletz for the second RM, who has been working
+with @globin a lot to keep the additional overhead of communication to a
+minimum at the beginning.
+# Drawbacks
+[drawbacks]: #drawbacks
+There is more communicational overhead but by having a second RM
+two individuals are checking the issues from a RM's point of view.
+Additionally it ensures that there is always one
+RM with the experience of having released NixOS once before.
+# Alternatives
+[alternatives]: #alternatives
+We can consider continuing the process as is and not specifying it formally,
+this will probably continue to work but does not ensure the role being passed
+on regularly.
+There are other possibilities how a RM can be elected, by vote (who by?), by
+@edolstra, RFCs, etc. This would mean even more overhead and the need of
+defining eligibility to vote or centring more decisions around @edolstra.
+# Unresolved questions
+[unresolved]: #unresolved-questions
+Nothing we can currently think of.
+# Future work
+[future]: #future-work
+ * Specifying the process for releasing NixOS itself.