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[RFC 0004] Replace Unicode Quotes (#4)
* Add Replace Unicode Quotes draft. * Replace Unicode Quotes: various fixes.
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+feature: replace-unicode-quotes
+start-date: 2017-03-19
+author: layus
+co-authors: zimbatm
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+# Summary
+[summary]: #summary
+Nix uses unicode glyphs to quote strings and paths in its output.
+This RFC proposes to use only ASCII `"` and `'` for quoting purposes in strings
+printed during evaluation.
+# Motivation
+[motivation]: #motivation
+There are three main reasons for this change.
+1. _Correctness_: By removing preventively these characters, we will not have
+ to track the triggered issues separately. Unicode interact badly with
+ variable interpolation in bash and will create more issues if we keep them.
+ See "nix installer produces broken output on Darwin"
+ and the detailed explanation in
+ As an example, on the following code the shell is treating the 1st UTF-8
+ byte of `’` as part of the variable name (which is undefined, thus "").
+ This results in `echo ""$'\x80\x99'`
+ $ x=y
+ $ echo "$x"
+ y
+ $ echo "$x’" # WTF is going on here!?
+ ??
+ Also, such quotes should be removed from code snippets in the documentation.
+ Otherwise, they cannot be used as is. See
+2. _Compatibility_: Most terminal emulators do not recognise unicode quotes as
+ string delimiters. This makes string copy/paste from the terminal clumsy.
+ For example, with a double-click in the following text, gnome-terminal will
+ correctly select the derivation path without the quotes, while rxvt-unicode
+ and st will select the string with the quotes. The string without quotes
+ needs to be tediously edited to be reused anywhere.
+ > building path(s) ‘/nix/store/hdlkn4pnc7l79jbawlkvssx1hc7gqmj8-gnum4-1.4.18’
+ Some terminals like Eterm seem unable to print these characters correctly.
+3. _Consistency_: As some quotes were replaced for compatibility with shells and
+ terminal emulators, we end up with a mix of both styles.
+See also
+ -
+ - (Get rid of unicode quotes)
+ -
+# Detailed design
+[design]: #detailed-design
+Implementing this requires to replace every unicode quote glyph by an ASCII
+character. This change needs only happen in strings intended to be part of
+build logs or otherwise printed in the console.
+The automated change should not alter comments nor documentation, except for
+code snippets within that documentation. Neither should it alter derivations
+outputs by changing input variables.
+After the change, using ASCII quotes should be enforced to maintain consistency.
+The change mainly needs to happen in Nix, but nixpkgs should follow for consistency.
+For example, should be updated.
+# Drawbacks
+[drawbacks]: #drawbacks
+Snippets of nix output in documentation and blogs will be out of sync (their
+quotes would not match the real printed output).
+Also, ASCII quotes are less aesthetic.
+# Alternatives
+[alternatives]: #alternatives
+As a decision needs to be take, we could also prefer to keep these nice unicode
+glyphs and fix issues as we encounter them.
+This also requires to push patches upstream in terminal emulators, and provide
+documentation as how to use them safely in shell scripts.
+# Unresolved questions
+[unresolved]: #unresolved-questions
+Should we also force ASCII quotes in pkgs meta fields and nixos options description ?
+These are displayed on the web (see and in the console
+with nixos-option.
+It would be simpler to consider these as documentation, leaving them as-is.