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+feature: nix-core-team
+start-date: 2018-01-31
+author: Graham Christensen
+co-authors: Daniel Peebles, Eelco Dolstra, Peter Simons, Shea Levy, Vladimír Čunát
+# Summary
+[summary]: #summary
+Create an experimental Nix Core Team to help lead the direction of
+Nix. This RFC may not be perfect, and we don’t have good answers to
+all the possible questions, but let’s try it.
+# Motivation
+[motivation]: #motivation
+ - Improve visibility in to how the project operates
+ - Distribute the work Eelco has been doing across more people
+ - "Unstuck" pull requests which are sitting idle
+ - Provide a more diverse group of experiences when evaluating changes
+ to core Nix
+# Detailed design
+[design]: #detailed-design
+## This team will:
+ - Evaluate larger features being proposed to Nix
+ - Serve as a second opinion on Nix changes that Eelco doesn't
+ otherwise see the value to
+ - Make road-mapping decisions
+ - Evaluate a change to determine if it is ready for inclusion
+ - Follow up on unreviewed pull requests
+The core team will have a GitHub team, a public mailing list, and
+perhaps an IRC channel. The team will comprise long-term, trusted
+community members who have a deep understanding of Nix and the Nix
+## To start with, the team will be:
+ - Daniel Peebles @copumpkin
+ - Eelco Dolstra @edolstra
+ - Peter Simons @peti
+ - Shea Levy @shlevy
+ - Vladimír Čunát @vcunat
+The team will be considered experimental to encourage revisiting how
+the processes work and refining them over time. We encourage the use
+of the RFC process to guide the process of the team itself. We
+explicitly invite the wider community to propose RFCs to help with
+Ultimately, we hope for a similar process to develop for NixOS as
+This experiment will run for one year, to allow for a few Nix and
+NixOS releases.
+## Making Decisions
+In all cases, the team will strive to reach consensus. However,
+consensus will not always be possible. Decisions will be made after
+four out of five members vote for approval.
+Votes are registered through `+1`s and `-1`s. `Looks good to me`, `I
+don't know`s and `I'm not sure`s aren't votes.
+If some members abstain from the discussion, the following voting
+rules apply:
+1. In any case, if two people are -1 on a proposal, it fails.
+2. If after a sufficient period of time (to be determined later,) if
+ only one person is -1 on a proposal and two or more people are +1,
+ it passes.
+## What this team is not
+This team is not about infrastructure, Nixpkgs, NixOS, Hydra, or the
+Foundation. This team is to focus very narrowly on Nix.