AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-05-05Merge pull request #158 from ehmry/masterHEADmasterJörg Thalheim
2020-05-05New dell/latitude/3480Emery Hemingway
2020-04-24Merge pull request #156 from delan/patch-1Jörg Thalheim
2020-04-24README: fix nix-channel --update commandDelan Azabani
2020-04-23wiki syntaxWout Mertens
2020-04-237390: clarify intentWout Mertens
2020-04-21Merge pull request #155 from Mic92/remove-thresholdsJörg Thalheim
2020-04-21Revert "Change TLP charge thresholds"Jörg Thalheim
2020-04-21Merge pull request #154 from j0hax/x230-tlp-thresholdsJörg Thalheim
2020-04-21Change TLP charge thresholdsj0hax
2020-04-15Merge pull request #153 from DamienCassou/fix-t460sJörg Thalheim
2020-04-14lenovo/thinkpad/t460s: Add missing acpi_call moduleDamien Cassou
2020-04-14lenovo/thinkpad/t460s: Remove problematic optionsDamien Cassou
2020-03-26Merge pull request #152 from ngiger/librem15v3Jörg Thalheim
2020-03-26Create separate directories for librem 13v3 and 15v3Niklaus Giger
2020-03-23Automatically lock the desktop when removing the librem keyNiklaus Giger
2020-03-23Document librem laptop 15v3Niklaus Giger
2020-03-15Merge pull request #150 from danderson/masterJörg Thalheim
2020-03-14thinkpad/t495: fix backlight save/load and and battery conditioning.David Anderson
2020-03-12Merge pull request #149 from danderson/masterJörg Thalheim
2020-03-11lenovo/thinkpad/t495: init from e495.David Anderson
2020-03-11Merge pull request #147 from Mic92/fix-travisJörg Thalheim
2020-03-03Update README.wikiJörg Thalheim
2020-02-23Add parallel test runnerJörg Thalheim
2020-02-18Merge pull request #139 from danielstaleiny/masterJörg Thalheim
2020-02-18add xps 9560 root readme to be able to easily findDaniel Rafaj
2020-02-18Add xps 9560 with its own quirks, I added versions:Daniel Rafaj
2020-02-18Support NixOS 19.09 for <dell/xps/15-7590> (#141)Rebecca Turner
2020-02-17Merge pull request #143 from Mic92/xps-15-7590Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-12Merge pull request #146 from Mic92/e495Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-12thinkpad/e495: fix evaluationJörg Thalheim
2020-02-12Merge pull request #144 from Luis-Hebendanz/masterJörg Thalheim
2020-02-12Added entry Thnikpad E495 to READMELuis Hebendanz
2020-02-12Update lenovo/thinkpad/e495/default.nixLuis Hebendanz
2020-02-11Added profile for issues 69289Luis Hebendanz
2020-02-09Merge pull request #138 from rummik/add-lenovo-thinkpad-l13Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-09Merge pull request #142 from 9999years/7590Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-09xps/15-7590: don't enable unfree firmware by defaultJörg Thalheim
2020-02-07Add Dell XPS 15-7590 suggested optionsRebecca Turner
2020-02-04Revert "xps-15-7590: convert wiki to markdown."Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-04dell-xps-15-7590: fix README linkJörg Thalheim
2020-02-04xps-15-7590: convert wiki to markdown.Jörg Thalheim link to dell xps 15-7590Jörg Thalheim
2020-02-04Merge pull request #114 from tomberek/masterJörg Thalheim
2020-02-01Apply suggestions from 9999yearsTom Bereknyei
2020-02-01Make note about EFI and remove 5.1 kernel hardcodeTom Bereknyei
2020-02-01Update dell/xps/15-7590/README.wikitomberek
2020-02-01Suggested fixesTom Bereknyei
2020-02-01Wifi fixed by removing iwlwifi-cc-a0-48.ucodeTom Bereknyei
2020-02-01Initial 15-7590Tom Bereknyei