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2015-01-18another removed serviceBernhard Posselt
2014-12-17update picofeed, fix #695Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-13dont set guidHash when setting guid to avoid overwriting different guid hashe...Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-11add youtube playlist support, fix #620, fix #618Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-05fix doc commentBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05fix doc commentBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05update picofeed, add max size setting, fix #642Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-30also set the feed locationBernhard Posselt
2014-10-30dont decode url twiceBernhard Posselt
2014-10-23use md5Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-22use factories for reader and favicon since they have state and cant be reusedBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22remove useless fileBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22fix encodingBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22remove utf8-deocde, should be done by the libBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22add cachingBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22fix #302Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-22fix testsBernhard Posselt
2014-10-22get rid of simplepieBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21get rid of faviconfetcher and use picofeedBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21first try to set indention limit at 80 characters in phpBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21convert tabs indention to indention with 4 spaces because of mixing of both v...Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-21move config class into config folderBernhard Posselt
2014-10-09more code coverageBernhard Posselt
2014-10-08more phpdoc fixingBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29remove unused fileBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29more travisBernhard Posselt
2014-09-22set error handler and throw exceptions on error caseBernhard Posselt
2014-09-16also use url in user agentBernhard Posselt
2014-09-16fix enclosureBernhard Posselt
2014-06-26style fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-06-25style fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-05-14convert array() to []Bernhard Posselt
2014-05-13try to fix return type of enhancer and feed fetcherBernhard Posselt
2014-05-13fix doc comments in feedfetcherBernhard Posselt
2014-05-13fix doc comments in feedfetcherBernhard Posselt
2014-05-12more fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-05-12remove dead codeBernhard Posselt
2014-04-19update headers to be compatible with phpdoc, slim down license text to make c...Bernhard Posselt
2014-04-19split up api class for easier testing and clearer codeBernhard Posselt
2014-04-10add proxy support based on simplepie pr, fix #491Bernhard Posselt
2014-04-09port to internal controller, some routes are still brokenBernhard Posselt
2014-04-09ported to owncloud internal appframework classes, confused with how to start ...Bernhard Posselt
2014-04-08remove html tags from feed titleBernhard Posselt
2014-04-08migrated database, utility, bootstrap from appframeworkBernhard Posselt
2014-02-11fix XSS when importing articles, speed up update and adding of feeds by only ...Bernhard Posselt
2014-02-11disable simplepie caching, see Posselt
2014-01-26fallback to feed url if simplepie doesnt fetch a permanent linkAlessandro Cosentino
2014-01-23fix unit testsRobin Appelman
2014-01-23fallback to using the feed link if an item doesn't specificy a linkRobin Appelman
2013-09-27always open links in new tabBernhard Posselt