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2015-02-17add status api route5.2.4Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-23fix #711Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-18first stab at intelligent containerBernhard Posselt
2014-12-03Make expand entries in compact view after jumping to next/previous feed optio...Bernhard Posselt
2014-11-27use extended info.xml instead of app.jsonBernhard Posselt
2014-11-20fix multiple bugsBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19allow to change the explore service urlBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19first stab at recommended sitesBernhard Posselt
2014-11-19controller action for recommended sitesBernhard Posselt
2014-11-17remove unused attributeBernhard Posselt
2014-11-17get rid of appconfigBernhard Posselt
2014-11-17whitelist cron modes rather than blacklist themBernhard Posselt
2014-11-17show a warning if ajax webcron is detectedgBernhard Posselt
2014-11-11fix cors headers for versionBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05set the correct mime type for the firefox manifestBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05update picofeed, add max size setting, fix #642Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-22get rid of simplepieBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21get rid of faviconfetcher and use picofeedBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21first try to set indention limit at 80 characters in phpBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21use spaces for indention in itemcontroller classBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21convert tabs indention to indention with 4 spaces because of mixing of both v...Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-21Make config.ini editable in the admin interfaceBernhard Posselt
2014-10-08more phpdoc fixingBernhard Posselt
2014-10-08fix phpdoc for controllersBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29add default locale and developer names and move the method to the pagecontrol...Bernhard Posselt
2014-09-29add author names to manifest fileBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29fix manifest testBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29remove unnecessary things from commit 885b506Alessandro Cosentino
2014-09-29web app manifestAlessandro Cosentino
2014-09-14add import articlesBernhard Posselt
2014-09-13fix starred count for deleted folders, reload path when deletingBernhard Posselt
2014-09-11remove duplication checksBernhard Posselt
2014-09-09reorganize templatesBernhard Posselt
2014-06-26style fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-06-26style fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-06-25style fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-05-30more additionsBernhard Posselt
2014-05-30add autopagingBernhard Posselt
2014-05-29order by pubdateBernhard Posselt
2014-05-23implement #137 serversideBernhard Posselt
2014-05-22simplify star and readBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16fix coding style and dead codeBernhard Posselt
2014-05-15rename businesslayer to serviceBernhard Posselt
2014-05-14first commit, nothing working yetBernhard Posselt
2014-05-14add serverside possibility to order by oldest firstBernhard Posselt
2014-05-14convert array() to []Bernhard Posselt
2014-05-14use more flexible serializer that ignores nulls, non entity values and responsesBernhard Posselt
2014-05-14fix unittestsBernhard Posselt
2014-05-13fix some testsBernhard Posselt
2014-05-13fix js testsBernhard Posselt