AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-1715.2.0-beta2 - 2021-01-17release_15.2.0-beta2Benjamin Brahmer
2021-01-17fix typo in string template valueanoy
2021-01-17fix TypeError caused by type conversion in controlleranoy
2021-01-17Link to specific discussion categoriesKeunes
2021-01-17Lead users to Discussions for FRsKeunes
2021-01-17link to the issue template chooser instead of creating an empty oneanoy
2021-01-16fix typoanoy
2021-01-15[tx-robot] updated from transifexNextcloud bot
2021-01-15Bump vimeo/psalm from 4.3.2 to 4.4.1dependabot[bot]
2021-01-15fix TypeError in ItemMapperanoy
2021-01-15Bump phpstan/phpstan from 0.12.66 to 0.12.67dependabot[bot]
2021-01-15Bump karma from 5.2.3 to 6.0.0 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2021-01-13fix opened state of folders is not restoredanoy
2021-01-13first improvements for the release-drafterBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-12fix changelog and version15.2.0-beta1Benjamin Brahmer
2021-01-12Release 15.2.0beta1Benjamin Brahmer
2021-01-12PHPUnit: Test on latest beta and stableSean Molenaar
2021-01-12Fix psalm issuesSean Molenaar
2021-01-12Fix getUnreadOrStarredTypeSean Molenaar
2021-01-12Fix nc 21 phpunit issueSean Molenaar
2021-01-12Bump phpstan/phpstan from 0.12.65 to 0.12.66dependabot[bot]
2021-01-11remove deprecated colon prefix for parametersanoy
2021-01-10Test release drafterBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-08update nextcloud api packageBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-08autofix round2Benjamin Brahmer
2021-01-08fix the testBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-08fixes done by psalmBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-08Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.4.4 to 9.5.0dependabot[bot]
2021-01-08Bump christophwurst/nextcloud from 20.0.0 to 20.0.4dependabot[bot]
2021-01-07Migrate phpunit.xmlBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-07Bump phpunit/phpunit from 9.2.6 to 9.4.0dependabot[bot]
2021-01-07update nc version in actionsBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-07Add psalm for static code analysisBenjamin Brahmer
2021-01-07Bump phpstan/phpstan from 0.12.64 to 0.12.65dependabot[bot]
2021-01-07Bump gulp-terser from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 in /jsdependabot[bot]
2021-01-02Add changelog entry about whitespace changesheyarne
2021-01-02Vertically center open utils bar in compact modeheyarne
2021-01-02Add top padding to subtitlesheyarne
2020-12-30Improve itemmapper wordingSean Molenaar
2020-12-30Remove PHPunit integration testsSean Molenaar
2020-12-29Remove PHPunit integration testsSean Molenaar
2020-12-27Release Brahmer
2020-12-23fix FeedMapper find exceptionanoy
2020-12-23Release 15.1.1-rc215.1.1-rc2Benjamin Brahmer
2020-12-22update dependabot labelsanoy
2020-12-22Bump phpstan/phpstan from 0.12.63 to 0.12.64dependabot[bot]
2020-12-21only show colors in compact modeChristoph Stenglein
2020-12-21add changelogChristoph Stenglein
2020-12-21add hover and odd background for content entriesChristoph Stenglein
2020-12-17Fix mapper->find and empty user sessionsSean Molenaar