AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-04-30bump version5.3.2Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-30fix line widthBernhard Posselt
2015-04-30another fixing roundBernhard Posselt
2015-04-30[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-29update readmeBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29use masterBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29try travis fix prBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29bump travisBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29bump for travisBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29Merge pull request #777 from owncloud/jancborchardt-patch-1Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-29clarify expand articles on key navigation settingJan-Christoph Borchardt
2015-04-29empty pw for travisBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29add back empty passwordBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29remove empty pwBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29explicitely install with empty password on travisBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29fix #770Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-29use occ instead of oci to setup owncloudBernhard Posselt
2015-04-29fix #775Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-29fix #774Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-26update changelogBernhard Posselt
2015-04-23[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-22[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-21drop sysvinit script for the updater because there were bugs and there was no...Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-21group mark read on scroll together with compact viewBernhard Posselt
2015-04-21update js depsBernhard Posselt
2015-04-19[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-18[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-17[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-15remove test for global article enhancerBernhard Posselt
2015-04-15remove youtube autoplay in picofeedBernhard Posselt
2015-04-14more phpdoc and remove unused codeBernhard Posselt
2015-04-13update angularjsBernhard Posselt
2015-04-13add opcode cache hintsBernhard Posselt
2015-04-12version bump5.3.1Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-12remove other transitionBernhard Posselt
2015-04-12remove animation for readBernhard Posselt
2015-04-11changelogBernhard Posselt
2015-04-11update picofeed, fix #763Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-11use animations for reading articlesBernhard Posselt
2015-04-11[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-09changelogBernhard Posselt
2015-04-09update cssBernhard Posselt
2015-04-09update depsBernhard Posselt
2015-04-09Merge pull request #765 from IBBoard/patch-3Bernhard Posselt
2015-04-09Tweak title spacing to keep size but reduce huge gapsIBBoard
2015-04-08[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-07changelogBernhard Posselt
2015-04-07make entire area for adding folders and feeds clickableBernhard Posselt
2015-04-07[tx-robot] updated from transifexJenkins for ownCloud
2015-04-06version bump5.3.0Bernhard Posselt