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2015-01-23reenable complete build5.0.1Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-23try to add support for hhvmBernhard Posselt
2015-01-23split up travis confBernhard Posselt
2015-01-23try easyinstallBernhard Posselt
2015-01-23Update .travis.ymlBernhard Posselt
2015-01-23Update .travis.ymlBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18use requests stable releaseBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18add back sudo pip5.0.0Bernhard Posselt
2015-01-18another trying to fix buildBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18try to fix buildBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18use new ocdev versionBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18also make a data directoryBernhard Posselt
2015-01-18use master branch in travis buildBernhard Posselt
2014-12-19only update libxmlBernhard Posselt
2014-11-09travisBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06try to fix integration testBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06more testsBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06reenable more testsBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06use chownBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06debugBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06travis fixesBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06testingBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06curl installation to test if it is set upBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06enable other dbs for test suiteBernhard Posselt
2014-11-06run integration tests on travisBernhard Posselt
2014-11-05add integration test xmlBernhard Posselt
2014-10-21convert tabs indention to indention with 4 spaces because of mixing of both v...Bernhard Posselt
2014-10-08make travis faster by disabling unused dbsBernhard Posselt
2014-10-04Use newest npmBernhard Posselt
2014-09-30also test php 5.6Bernhard Posselt
2014-09-29more travisBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29another travis fixBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29flip env flagBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29non interactive frontendBernhard Posselt
2014-09-29udpate ubuntu on travis3.201Bernhard Posselt
2014-09-11disable acceptance tests because of high failure and false positive rate, for...Bernhard Posselt
2014-05-23use firefox for ci and e2eBernhard Posselt
2014-05-22add chrome to js unit testsBernhard Posselt
2014-05-22try to use firefox to run js unittestsBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16another build just to be sureBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16trigger another buildBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16fix typo in configBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16trigger buildBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16bring back debug info outputBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16remove debug outputBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16more debugBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16app.json remove oc7 dependencyBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16more debugBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16addBernhard Posselt
2014-05-16fix e2e testBernhard Posselt