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* SimpleXML
* PHP >= 5.5
-## Supported Operating Systems
-All of the listed stable Linux distributions will be supported until their next stable version's first bugfix release is released (e.g. Debian 7 is supported until Debian 8.1 is released):
+## Supported Linux Distributions
+Supported means that the distribution's default repository packages will work in conjunction with the News app and you won't have to add any 3rdparty repositories.
+The following distros are supported:
* Ubuntu 14.04
* Debian 8 (Jessie)
* Arch Linux
-## Supported PHP versions
-The minimum PHP version will be the [lowest supported version that still receives security fixes]( The currently supported lowest version is **5.5** which will be dropped in favor of **5.6** on **10th July 2016**. An exception to this rule will be made if one or more supported operating systems still ship this PHP version by default.
## Supported Browsers
* Newest Firefox (Desktop, Android, Firefox OS)
* Newest Chrome/Chromium (Desktop, Android)