BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix: dependency from origin/masterMatthias Beyer10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-30Fix: dependency from origin/masterHEADmasterMatthias Beyer
2021-01-30Add opening of a mail on the right sideMatthias Beyer
2021-01-30Change implementation to use menubar for commandsMatthias Beyer
2021-01-30Remove bindings codeMatthias Beyer
2021-01-30Complete restructuringMatthias Beyer
2021-01-22Move views to submoduleMatthias Beyer
2021-01-17Add mail view right of mail listMatthias Beyer
2021-01-17Remove accidentially unused codeMatthias Beyer
2021-01-17Merge branch 'bindings'Matthias Beyer
2021-01-17Make bindings able to handle multiple caller stringsMatthias Beyer