BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cargo-fmtRun cargo-fmt on codebaseMatthias Beyer13 months
cargo-toml-own-workspaceLet all Cargo.tomls in the workspace use the workspace in development modeMatthias Beyer13 months
decoderWIP: Implement Decoder based on source code of EncoderMatthias Beyer13 months
disposition-serdeReplace hand implementation of Deserialize, Serialize with derive()Matthias Beyer13 months
fix-metadataFix "repository" setting in Cargo.toml filesMatthias Beyer13 months
fix-testsFix testsMatthias Beyer13 months
minorFix typo: modies -> bodiesMatthias Beyer13 months
parser/port-content-dispositionWIPMatthias Beyer13 months
parsingReplace own error type with failureMatthias Beyer13 months
travisRemove unsupported rust versionsMatthias Beyer13 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-11cargo: Update author and maintenance badge.HEADmasterPhilipp Korber
2019-10-11cargo(version): bumped minor version numberPhilipp Korber
2019-10-11chore(deps): updated depsPhilipp Korber
2019-10-11cargo(version): bumped patch versionPhilipp Korber
2019-10-11fix(internals): max line length error breached triggered wronglyPhilipp Korber
2019-10-11doc(headers): added warnings about using some parts likely to change in the f...Philipp Korber
2019-10-05Update README.mdPhilipp Korber
2019-03-14fix(headers): Make it impossible to have "fake" encoded words.Philipp Korber
2019-03-14doc(header): a bit more documentation for the `Phrase` type.Philipp Korber
2019-03-04cargo(version): bumped patch version numberPhilipp Korber