AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-04Add tarpaulin configuration for stable travis jobtarpaulinMatthias Beyer
2019-09-11Update minimum rustc version to 1.32.0Matthias Beyer
2019-04-21Update travis rustc minimum versionMatthias Beyer
2019-04-21Rewrite github templateMatthias Beyer
2019-03-15Merge branch 'remove-vacation'Matthias Beyer
2019-03-15Revert "Add vacation notice"Matthias Beyer
2018-11-09Merge branch 'prepare-0.3.0'Matthias Beyer
2018-11-09Bump version to 0.3.0Matthias Beyer
2018-11-09Merge branch 'failure'Matthias Beyer
2018-11-07Update rustc: 1.28 minimum versionMatthias Beyer
2018-11-07Move code to failure as error handling libraryMatthias Beyer
2018-07-20Merge pull request #29 from matthiasbeyer/off-of-github-noticeMatthias Beyer
2018-07-20Merge pull request #28 from matthiasbeyer/dependency-updateMatthias Beyer
2018-07-20Update dependency error-chain: 0.11 -> 0.12Matthias Beyer
2018-07-19Add note that development will continue on MLMatthias Beyer
2018-05-29Merge pull request #27 from matthiasbeyer/prepare-0.2Matthias Beyer
2018-05-28Bump versionMatthias Beyer
2018-05-28Merge pull request #26 from maralorn/masterMatthias Beyer
2018-05-28Replace wrong variable in error output of sub_from_momentMalte Brandy
2018-05-04Merge pull request #25 from matthiasbeyer/readme-vacation-noticeMarcel Müller
2018-05-04Merge pull request #24 from matthiasbeyer/update-filtersMatthias Beyer
2018-04-29Update dependency: filters: 0.2 -> 0.3Matthias Beyer
2018-04-28Add pull request/issue template for sabatical noticeMatthias Beyer
2018-04-18Add vacation noticeMatthias Beyer
2018-03-23Merge pull request #23 from matthiasbeyer/update-travis-rustc-versionsMatthias Beyer
2018-03-22Update travis rustc versionsMatthias Beyer
2018-03-22Merge pull request #21 from matthiasbeyer/language-docMatthias Beyer
2018-03-22Add language documentationMatthias Beyer
2018-03-22Merge pull request #19 from matthiasbeyer/unit-aliasesMatthias Beyer
2018-03-21Add aliases for 1second -> secondlyMatthias Beyer
2018-02-05Merge pull request #17 from matthiasbeyer/prepare-0.1.0Matthias Beyer
2018-02-05Update version: 0.1.0-beta-2 -> 0.1.0Matthias Beyer
2018-01-11Merge pull request #16 from matthiasbeyer/update-dependenciesMatthias Beyer
2018-01-11Update dependency: logMatthias Beyer
2017-11-24Merge pull request #15 from matthiasbeyer/fix-panicMatthias Beyer
2017-11-24Update version string: 0.1.0-beta-1 -> 0.1.0-beta-2Matthias Beyer
2017-11-24Use NaiveDate::from_ymd_opt() / ::and_hms_opt() functions for error safetyMatthias Beyer
2017-11-24Optimize implementationMatthias Beyer
2017-11-24Add out of bounds check and error propagation for NaiveDate::from_ymd() callsMatthias Beyer
2017-11-24Add simple fuzzer for parserPascal Hertleif
2017-11-20Merge pull request #14 from matthiasbeyer/update-depsMatthias Beyer
2017-11-20Update deps: error-chain, filtersMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Merge pull request #11 from matthiasbeyer/0.1.0-beta-1Matthias Beyer
2017-11-19Update version: 0.1.0-beta-1Matthias Beyer
2017-11-19Rewrite travis script to improve readabilityMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Update READMEMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Merge pull request #10 from matthiasbeyer/impl-unimplMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Implement not-yet implemented match armsMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Merge pull request #8 from matthiasbeyer/usable-cliMatthias Beyer
2017-11-19Merge pull request #9 from matthiasbeyer/remove-warningsMatthias Beyer