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masterAdd commits-since-tagMatthias Beyer2 years
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2019-07-23Add commits-since-tagHEADmasterMatthias Beyer
2019-07-12Use srht.flask.session instead of flask.sessionDrew DeVault
2019-07-12Show indicator if repo is unlisted/privateDrew DeVault
2019-07-12Fix unbound local when fetching log of empty repoDrew DeVault
2019-07-10Fix tree path traversal for repo tree API endpointRyan Chan
2019-07-07Add color option to annotationsDrew DeVault
2019-07-07Only fetch annotations when using cold cacheDrew DeVault
2019-07-06Scope annotations to a repo IDDrew DeVault
2019-07-06Lock down annotations to UserAccess.manageDrew DeVault
2019-07-06Implement annotationsDrew DeVault