BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
develUpdate dependenciesJunegunn Choi6 months
masterDo not show preview window by default if `--preview` is emptyJunegunn Choi4 months
0.27.2fzf-0.27.2.tar.gz  fzf-0.27.2.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi4 months
0.27.1fzf-0.27.1.tar.gz  fzf-0.27.1.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi4 months
0.27.0fzf-0.27.0.tar.gz  fzf-0.27.0.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi6 months
0.26.0fzf-0.26.0.tar.gz  fzf-0.26.0.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi7 months
0.25.1fzf-0.25.1.tar.gz  fzf-0.25.1.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi8 months
0.25.0fzf-0.25.0.tar.gz  fzf-0.25.0.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi9 months
0.24.4fzf-0.24.4.tar.gz  fzf-0.24.4.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi10 months
0.24.3fzf-0.24.3.tar.gz  fzf-0.24.3.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi11 months
0.24.2fzf-0.24.2.tar.gz  fzf-0.24.2.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi11 months
0.24.1fzf-0.24.1.tar.gz  fzf-0.24.1.tar.xz  Junegunn Choi11 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-06-08Do not show preview window by default if `--preview` is emptyHEADmasterJunegunn Choi
2021-06-04[vim] Add 'sinklist' as a synonym to 'sink*'Junegunn Choi
2021-06- Choi
2021-06-01Fix bug where `--read0` not properly displaying long linesJunegunn Choi
2021-05-26Allow specifying 16 base ANSI colors by their namesJunegunn Choi
2021-05-23Mention NetBSD package and how to install it (#2499)Thomas Klausner
2021-05- Choi
2021-05-22Add 'unbind' actionJunegunn Choi
2021-05-22[man] Clarification on --select-1 and --exit-0Junegunn Choi
2021-05-21[vim] Workaround for Neovim bug of unconditionally evaluating `unlet $ENV_VAR`Junegunn Choi