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+# Flic 2 Button Client Library written in Rust
+This is a library for the Flic 1 and Flic 2 Button.
+You can create a client that connects to a server and gets notified when a registered button is activated. This is called receiving an *Event*.
+With this client you can also transmit *Command*s to the server to perform distinct actions on the server like scanning for new buttons.
+## Where you can get a server
+[This github project]( has implementations of sdks and clients in different languages and environments.
+For instance, there you can get FlicSDK.exe which is a server for Windows.
+## Examples
+- ping -- just pings the server
+- simpleclient -- performs button scans and registers buttons
+Hint: IP addresses and BlueTooth addresses should to be replaced to your needs to work properly. \ No newline at end of file