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2021-03-14Rename try_into/try_fromMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Fix imports for new crate nameMatthias Beyer
2020-10-01Run cargo-fmtMatthias Beyer
2020-09-07Use `display` method on PathBuf in testsrdkt13
2020-09-06Fix paths in tests expectations for all platformsrdkt13
2018-11-30upgrade serde-hjson to v0.8.2 so we can have consistent error ckeckEugeen Sablin
2018-09-25Fix #75; tests run with --no-default-featuresRyan Leckey
2018-07-02Run rustfmt (nightly)Ryan Leckey
2018-04-09Use `try_into` instead of deprecated `deserialize`Aleksey Ivanov
2017-09-01Added HJSON (Human-Readable JSON) as a config file formatRaphael Cohn