AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-14Merge branch 'config-rs-issue-173'HEADmasterMatthias Beyer
2021-03-14Rename try_into/try_fromMatthias Beyer
2021-03-14Add entry for 0.11.0Matthias Beyer
2021-03-14Merge branch 'update-rust-ini'Matthias Beyer
2021-03-14Merge branch 'builder'Matthias Beyer
2021-03-14Merge branch 'add-setter'Matthias Beyer
2021-03-14Update dependency: rust-ini: 0.13 -> 0.16Fabio Valentini
2021-03-13Add Config::with_merged()Matthias Beyer
2021-03-13Add a Config::set_once() function to set a value once (and let Config::merge(...Matthias Beyer
2021-03-13Merge branch 'prepare-0.11'v0.11.0Matthias Beyer
2021-03-13Version: 0.11.0Matthias Beyer
2021-03-13Merge branch 'srht-builds'Matthias Beyer
2021-03-13Fix imports for new crate nameMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Add maintenance badgeMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Fix clippy: Use is_empty() instead of comparing to empty stringMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Update Cargo.toml settings for maintenance forkMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Fix expected error messageMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Fix test failureMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Update READMEMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Add srht build configurationMatthias Beyer
2021-03-13Remove travisMatthias Beyer
2020-10-11Merge pull request #154 from matthiasbeyer/patch-1Joel Gallant
2020-10-11Merge pull request #156 from matthiasbeyer/ensure-formatJoel Gallant
2020-10-11Merge pull request #155 from matthiasbeyer/formatJoel Gallant
2020-10-01travis: Ensure formatMatthias Beyer
2020-10-01Run cargo-fmtMatthias Beyer
2020-10-01Update version in usage exampleMatthias Beyer
2020-09-16Merge pull request #151 from szarykott/win_testsJoel Gallant
2020-09-07Use `display` method on PathBuf in testsrdkt13
2020-09-06Fix paths in tests expectations for all platformsrdkt13
2020-09-03Merge pull request #131 from ignatenkobrain/patch-2Joel Gallant
2020-09-03Merge pull request #134 from eisterman/fix_clippy_warningsJoel Gallant
2020-03-14Clippy fix for examplesFederico Pasqua
2020-03-14General upgrade for clippy fix and remove of deprecated methods for errorsFederico Pasqua
2020-02-23chore: Update float-cmp to 0.6Igor Gnatenko
2019-12-07Prepare v0.10.1Ryan Leckey
2019-12-07Fix test for enum keys as auto lowercase was disabledRyan Leckey
2019-12-07Merge pull request #119 from vorner/universal-map-keysRyan Leckey
2019-12-07Prepare v0.10Ryan Leckey
2019-12-07Update CHANGELOGRyan Leckey
2019-12-07Remove automatic lowercaseRyan Leckey
2019-12-07Fix testsRyan Leckey
2019-12-07Merge pull request #115 from Geal/masterRyan Leckey
2019-08-22Allow arbitrary types of map keysMichal 'vorner' Vaner
2019-06-27port to nom 5Geoffroy Couprie
2019-05-13Merge pull request #109 from gnieto/task/remove-value-with-keyRyan Leckey
2019-05-09Remove ValueWithKey structGuillem Nieto
2019-05-09Update CHANGELOG.mdRyan Leckey
2019-05-09Merge pull request #107 from nickelc/toml0.5Ryan Leckey
2019-05-09Remove try_defaults_from and set_defaults (for now) as '#[serde(default)]' wo...Ryan Leckey