BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
cleanupMake {Search, Query}Response not have public fieldsMatthias Beyer9 months
masterMerge pull request #6 from mario-kr/update-depmario-kr4 years
my-masterReplace implementation of getters with getset::GettersMatthias Beyer9 months
updateMake {Search, Query}Response not have public fieldsMatthias Beyer9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-03-07Merge pull request #6 from mario-kr/update-depHEADmastermario-kr
2018-03-07make the format optional, as there's no guarantee it is there (anymore); upda...Mario Krehl
2018-01-02Merge pull request #5 from mario-kr/file-aliasmario-kr
2017-12-31Update example configMario Krehl
2017-12-31Use the configured file instead of the alias as unique keyMario Krehl
2017-12-31Update dependenciesMario Krehl
2017-12-23update depsMario Krehl
2017-12-16Merge pull request #4 from mario-kr/refactor-mainmario-kr
2017-12-16Fix typosMario Krehl
2017-12-16Add helper function to get a capture group name out of a targetMario Krehl